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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


First, thanks for the pliers advice! I'm making a trip to see what I can get soon and now I at least have an idea what to look for!

Also takes for noticing the feedburner issue :) When I was messing with the blog (tried to move to my server, moved it back, changed templates) a while ago a few bugs appeared that I never noticed, so letting me know is a great help!

I still haven't gotten pictures of my experiments, let alone work on them more. Any time you're self employed time management is always a challenge. There are lots of blogs out there that deal with this subject, and are better informed that I have time to be! While most of them deal with self employment when you have children, we can all use some advice.

Personally my biggest challenge is not neglecting school. Face it, creating/crafting/mailling is WAY more fun then writing a paper. Staying up late messing with wire is definitely preferable to getting early for a class you regret signing up for.

For me, the key is prioritizing. Once crunch time hits (finals and the biggest show of the year at the same time) I don't have time for many of the tricks. But I need to decide what I DO have time for. Yes, I might LIKE to spend three days learning HP3, but is that wise?

Make a list of everything you need to do. Then decide, do you *really* need to do that? What can you put off to when you're less busy (such as a store redesign), what can you ask for HELP (it's not a dirty word) with (ask your husband/girlfriend/roommate/parents/favorite second cousin/best friend to cook a couple of extra times), what absolutely has to be done, what should be done, and what needs to be done for your sanity.

The last point was one I needed to learn. Maybe that store redesign isn't vitally important. But is thinking about it keeping you up at night? Are you worrying about it to the point where you have trouble concentrating? Then it *is* a top priority. My boyfriend is a perfect example of this. He can't study while there are dirty dishes to be done, and I do mean can't. He drives him to distraction, and he is better off just spending the time to get it done and move on. If he's really swamped, he'll ask me if I can do it.

My mother is huge proponent of lists, and while it took me time to warm up to them it is worth it. How do you deal with the time crunches?

Since I have nothing to show today, here's something I'm currently lusting over!