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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, or as one person called it "The day Google turns their logo into a tree."

I live fairly green, mostly out of need. I don't have a car and cabs are expensive, so public transportation and walking for me! Today had the added bonus that they were giving out reusable bags on the bus, yay! I never can get enough of these things.

One thing that's being batted around is sustainability in crafting. Some forms of crafting are very plastics heavy, and the items created are... well take a look over at Regretsy for how useful some of these items are. Crafters has the ability to take forgotten items and make them beautiful (upcycling), dismantling unsuccessful creations for new items (especially true for us chainmaillers! And beaders to a large degree), and choosing items which are green for supplies.

Upcycling has to be one of my favorite things some crafters do (and me soon!). Yes, there are some absolutely terrible examples, but that's true of most things. There is so much geeky goodness to be had out there!

How about this blast from the past by RussellDornan?

I could certainly use the memory boost TransientTreasures is providing!

And for those days that you need a little bit extra resistance, my own creation!

What's your favorite upcycled creation you've seen?

Monday, April 19, 2010


Our new sign in action

This! Is! Madness!

Anyone who's ever been to a convention knows that even a small one means you are running on junk food and coffee in substitute for sleep. This explains why I slept for 13 hours last night and woke up with a headache! Add in the fact I had my last final exam during the con and you have even more chaos!

But I had a blast, sold a ton, and can't wait til next year! However, now that all that is over my attentions turn to my sorely neglected shops! My friend over at Angry Owl talked me into giving Etsy another shot, so I'm going to be setting up over there again at least partially. Btw, go check out her stuff! It's made of win AND awesome!

So look forward to tons of new stuff!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glow-in-the-Dark Joy

Taking a quick break from studying for my final exams and preparing for the up coming convention to bring you this! I've finally started getting the hang of glow photography (and learning that my camera has manual settings!), and would like to share what makes many of my pieces truly spectacular!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sci-fi Convention

Where oh where has the mailler gone...

No where, I swear! I've been right here the whole time!... sorta.

I'm a full time student on top of mailling, so this time of year is naturally busy anyway... but add to that my biggest event of the year and it's full blown chaos!

I'm excited to be selling here this year, in addition to showing off my swanky trek costume!

Star Trek Science Officer

However, I am but one person, and in all this time had to give. And that something was my online presence. I have severely neglected my shop, my blog, and even twitter. I did take some pics to drum up excitement for my table, and to show the organizers the piece I'm donating for their auction...

Scale Choker

but that's about it.

However, once April 18th is done I will have some free time. First order of business... clean my house. The microwave is about to develop sentience and may be in cahoots with the toaster oven. Second is get a TON of stuff listed to Artfire. Seriously, there might be over two dozen new items to list! Third will be to get a backlog of posts done! I have a bunch of new styles and weaves I've been doing that I'm dying to share, but just have not had the time. Fourth will be to update my much neglected guilds.

I'm also going to be doing up a tutorial for one of the new weaves I've been doing! After I posted about it there was much confusion trying to put into words how to do it, so I'll do up some pics :D

Thanks for you patience those who still keep checking me out here! You can check out my Flickr page for a sneak peak for my upcoming listings (and for a sample of what I'll have at the Convention!). If you want to make sure I'm still alive at times like these, follow me on Twitter!

If you can't wait for me to list something that's on my flickr, send me an email/artfire convo and I'll get a custom listing done up for you if possible!