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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, or as one person called it "The day Google turns their logo into a tree."

I live fairly green, mostly out of need. I don't have a car and cabs are expensive, so public transportation and walking for me! Today had the added bonus that they were giving out reusable bags on the bus, yay! I never can get enough of these things.

One thing that's being batted around is sustainability in crafting. Some forms of crafting are very plastics heavy, and the items created are... well take a look over at Regretsy for how useful some of these items are. Crafters has the ability to take forgotten items and make them beautiful (upcycling), dismantling unsuccessful creations for new items (especially true for us chainmaillers! And beaders to a large degree), and choosing items which are green for supplies.

Upcycling has to be one of my favorite things some crafters do (and me soon!). Yes, there are some absolutely terrible examples, but that's true of most things. There is so much geeky goodness to be had out there!

How about this blast from the past by RussellDornan?

I could certainly use the memory boost TransientTreasures is providing!

And for those days that you need a little bit extra resistance, my own creation!

What's your favorite upcycled creation you've seen?


Kristina @ Angry Owl said...

The resistor bracelet I got from you is by far one of the coolest things I own!