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Friday, March 27, 2009

New items listed!

Got some new items in the store, enjoy!

First, a pair of lovely keychains, both in Euro 1-4 diamond weave pattern:



An always popular item, chainmaille worry balls are an amazing stress relief. They absorb heat quickly, and then radiates it back out. This makes it feel warm within moments of handling it! It also makes a soft tinkling sound as you move the rings against each other, promoting calmness. Finally, you can chuck it at walls with no worry of damaging it! I'd avoid throwing it at anything fragile, such as co-workers, as it is made of metal.
Worry Ball

Finally, one of my favorite items so far! Yes, those are real resistors. They probably would still work in a pinch in you, for some reason, absolutely needed a resistor. Perhaps you need to MacGyver a nuclear weapon? No matter what, you will look great, and be ready to build a nuclear weapon*.
Tech Resistors in Circles Earrings

*Only in 0.00301% of nuclear weapon building emergencies will these earrings contain the necessary parts. Earrings do not give knowledge of nuclear science or engineering. Chained to the Strange does not take responsibility for any nuclear winters resulting from the use of these earrings.