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Monday, February 1, 2010

Raw and colorful!

Only a couple new pieces to photograph and share in the future, been busy with Winter-een-mas (gaming holiday!) and selling my wares, so mostly just been ring monkeying.

However I did snap a couple of shots of my organized chaos!

Current drawers

That's not including a lot of my larger spools of wire, chains, ribbon and other odds and ends that I keep loose. in the top of my storage container storer. I got one of them for Christmas from my awesome Mom, and later bought another for myself. I want to get the medium sized one too, they're just so super handy!

Here's another look at my pile of stock. It seems like a lot more when trying to set up quickly!

And here's how it looks neat. This is an older photo, I'll have one next week of my flea market set up. If anyone has suggestions on how to display belly dancing coin skirts so they DON'T take up my entire table I'd be grateful! This particular image was taking from an Art Show I attended in September. Don't let that sun fool you, it was COLD!

Selling Table