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Friday, May 7, 2010

Exploring my Shop - Earrings

I love the categories feature (which they call shop sort) that I get by being pro at Artfire. I'm a lil... obsessed... with keeping things tidy (online anyway!), and this and the other sorting features let me keep things tidy. Check out all the other amazing features! If you want to upgrade, lemme know, I still have a couple of codes for the lower rate :D

I've been doing some tidying in my shop, and decided to do a feature on each of the categories to show off some of the beauties that have missed their time in the spot light :)


This earrings are SO customizable! I personally have a half dozen pairs in various colors that I've made to match my outfits. At $5 a pair, they're perfect for every day and for evening! If you want 5 or more, message and I'll do 5/$20 for you :)

Want something more dynamic? These are also highly customizable, but the micromaille gives this piece amazing movement.

For for an even more striking bit of dangle? Check out this scale earrings! Still just as customizable, but also make a lovely tinkle sound as you move! Perfect for performers both on the stage, and off it!

As you may have noticed, I love customizing any and off of my pieces. Custom orders are just more fun! Even if you are just wondering if something is possible, head over to my Artfire Studio and send me a message!