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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Splitting up

Chained to the Strange started as your source for Chainmaille, and a little bit of geekery. Over the last few months the maille has really taken a backseat to the other projects, especially since I sprained my wrist.

While there is some overlap, from a marketing prospective it was becoming a real problem. Dividing up my shop was especially troublesome. The clear answer was to split off the Geekery, leaving Chained to the Strange to be what it originally intended to be, a mailling blog.

Hence, Nostalgic Nerdom was born! There will be my geekery, and my geek musings. It's still pretty empty at the moment, but take the time to become a Fan on Facebook and check out the galleries for a sneak peak!

That said, this blog will still be only occasionally updated. Mostly when I'm doing major projects or special events.

Hope to see you on Nostalgic Nerdom!