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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A long long time ago...

Yet somehow in the future. Wait, no, this isn't star wars!

Some time ago I used to have a blog called Double X Geeks on Today.com. I had great fun with them, but had to part ways when I started selling my chainmaille. They have a rule against advertising your own stuff there, and it put a crunch on what I could post.

I recently went through all my old posts looking for a particular picture (which I apparently never posted), but doing so got me thinking. I have find a lot of nifty stuff on the net that I'd like to share with people, but haven't because I didn't want to do a second blog. So, instead I've been ignoring this one. *That* makes a whole lot of sense doesn't it?

So, I've decided to start actually blogging again. There will still be much chainmaille to be found here, and information on my new products. There will also be posts about being a geek in the real world! I tend to focus on products I find that I want to share, but also share helpful hints, recipes, and funny pictures. I'll be attempting a 3/week schedule and see how that goes.

Look for some design changes in the coming weeks as well! I will be unfocusing the background and such a bit and adding more information. I'm not exactly sure how best to do this, but we will see! Suggestion welcome!


SweetPea said...

Seems like I'm not the only one reinventing their blog in the new year. I like your idea. I'm kind of a gadget person myself. If you'd like to see my take on reinventing my blog (I also do chainmaille), please visit and comment. http://sweetpeacreationz.blogspot.com/