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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Up and Atom!

Finally had a break in the studies (sort of) to add some new products to the store! Over a dozen new items, so go check it out on Artfire!

Since there are so many, I'll just show some of my favorites for now :)

Caffeine Earrings
Yup, that's the molecular structure for our favorite chemical!

Tetris - Z Blocks
Anyone else having flashbacks?

Cat 5 Bracelet
I made this one a bit big, but it'll look great on a larger guy! That's made from an actual network cable, I have the scar on my pinky to prove it! On a side note, network cable casings are tougher that I thought.

HTML Necklace
This is probably my second favorite item currently! <3

You may have noticed a severe lack of chainmaille this post. Have no fear! I've been trying out my new crafting supplies for making these, so have an abundance of such items. I've spent a good part of today making some more chainmaille related items to build up my stock for the upcoming months, including a couple of twists on old items! Look forward to them in the coming weeks!