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Sunday, January 17, 2010

One pill makes you small

As a child born in the 80s I grew up with the joy that was shrinky dinks. Watching them shrink was always the best part, and the products generally were discarded shortly after.

Well it turns out they still exist! Found some at the local craft supply store, in the scrap booking section of all places, and quickly grabbed them up. I excitedly did up a whole page of things, debated if my hole punch was too big, and pulled up a stool in front of my toaster oven. Which I now realize really needs to be cleaned.

I did a whole selection of tetris blocks for sale, with a bit of experimenting with colors. However, my geek-gasm came with the idea of making these:

The science ones have already become my everyday wear!

Also, displaying my lovely new creations is my lovely new creation!

First Earring Tree

I started organizing my chainmaille/crafting supplies into the new container I bought (more on that next post!), and was distracted by the first item I put my hands on: my large spool of wire.

I'm really impressed with how it turned out for a first attempt. I was fearing something unusable, but it's actually pretty nice. And more stable than I gave the small base credit for. It's currently on my floor with cats running all around it, yet it's still upright!

The earrings will be up for sale once I get some nicer pictures of each one individually, so sometime this week! As you may have noticed my light box was make shift out of scrap paper.

... And there goes the tree